• On September 2, 2014, Central 1 Credit Union became aware of a phishing scam targeting their organization and has advised us to notify any of our corporate members that use Central 1's AFT system. If you have received a suspicious email, we can confirm that neither our credit union nor Central 1 will never ask a member to provide confidential information through regular email. The fraudulent emails reported originate from the domains or These emails are not connected to Central 1 Credit Union or to our credit union in any way and should be deleted immediately. Central 1 has since advised us that the fraudulent website has now been shut down and that they continue to monitor for any suspicious activity. Corporate members who require assistance, or have questions, should contact TCU immediately.
  • Qtrade Investor is offering to cover transfer-out fees for anyone who transfers their account to them no later than March 1, 2008 (terms and conditions apply).
  • Qtrade Investor: Trades now start at $7 for Active Traders and $19 for regular investors.
  • To encourage members to save more money, we now introduce "TCU Target GIC". Members can deposit equal amount of money each month and get higher GIC rates. 
  • Starting from July, TCU will introduce "TCU Scholarship GIC". This GIC is designed to help parents to save money for their children's future education. To encourage our members, TCU will add 10% towards the total annually interests* for the first year, and add additional 1% each year for maximum of 10 years. This means on the 10th year, TCU will give 19% interest towards yearly interests a member earned on 10th year. Minimum deposit $500. 
  • Click here for Credit Union Branches and ATMs Locator.  
  • Look for The Exchange sign to deposit our withdraw money from any Exchange ATM without being surcharged. Visit for more details.




  1. Begins January 1, 2009
  2. For all Canadian residents from ages 18 and up who have filed a tax return.
  3. Your contribution to a Tax-Free Savings Account can not be deducted from your income on your tax return, but the interest you earn will not be taxed.
  4. Your contribution to a Tax-Free Savings Account can not be deducted from your income on your tax return, but the interest you earn will not be taxed.
  5. You can contribute a maximum of CAD $6,000 for the year of 2019.
  6. If you don’t make the maximum contribution, the unused contribution room can be carried over to the following year. There is no limit to the contribution room that can be carried forward.
  7. Every year, the government will announce the Tax-Free Savings Account contribution limit.
  8. You are free to take money out of your Tax-Free Savings Account, and this will not affect federal income-related benefits and credits.  





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