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On Aug 20, Saturday at 11 AM, TCU Board of Directors - Tina Wang hosted a finance workshop"How Federal budget 2022 Impacts Individuals."


On Aug 27, Saturday at 11 AM, We invited Ivy Chuang to host a finance workshop "Use Tax-Advantaged Account to Increase Your Wealth."





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1. Begins January 1, 2009.

2. For all Canadian residents from ages 18 and up who have filed  a tax return.

3. Your contribution to a Tax-Free Savings Account cannot be      deducted from your income on your tax return, but the interest you earn will not be taxed.

4. You can contribute a maximum of CAD $6,500 for the year 2023, total contribution room of $88,000 as of January 1, 2023.

5. If you do not make the maximum contribution, the unused contribution room can be carried over to the following year. There is no limit to the contribution room that can be carried forward.

6. You are free to take money out of your Tax-Free Savings Account, and this will not affect federal income-related


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